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Here’s what positive relationships at church really look like

What do you see in the relationships in your church? When you think about people interacting, what comes to mind? When I ask pastors this, many of them are quick to point out the challenges or frustrations. And I understand. …

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Your 6-step formula for an awesome Advent

Well, we made it through Thanksgiving, which means…it’s that time of year again. Yes, I’m talking about Advent. A time that can be challenging because along with all the church stuff to do, there are family celebrations to prepare for, …

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Are you ready to never worry about money again?

Right now, are you worried about money? Whether it’s your church’s money or your personal money–the thought of cash coming in and cash going out can be stressful, especially if more is going out than is coming in. Here’s my …

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Your family is over your complaining

Do you come home from church and complain? Belly ache about the frustrations of ministry, a difficult church member, or your crazy schedule? Complaining about church is nearly inevitable—however, I recommend you do it as little as possible, especially because…: …

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5 things I wish I knew about stewardship 30 years ago

When I started in ministry 30 years ago I knew next to nothing about stewardship. I was anxious, puzzled, and didn’t feel up to the task. So not up to the task that I remember that first year I called …

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Have you done your ministry planning for fall?

Are you ready for September? I know, some of the organized types started planning for fall this last January. But if the pastors I speak to are representative, you’re not completely ready yet. When I was a pastor, I don’t …

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Three ways to build relationships before summer’s over

Summer’s almost over. It’s two-and-a-half weeks until Labor Day (sorry to say). And unless you’re taking a late-summer vacation, you’re probably getting ready for fall. And fall rolls into the holidays, and before you know it, it’s 2017. Here’s something …

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Can you lead like Churchill?

Hi there! I’m back from three glorious weeks in England. So are you surprised that in my first post after my trip, I had to reference Winston Churchill? On our recent trip to London we visited the Churchill War Rooms, …

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When Are You Taking Time Off–Completely?

Today I want to ask you an important question: When was the last time you were completely out of touch? It’s becoming rarer in our culture. A friend spent time in a cabin in the woods where she’s been going …

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Are you facing a summer giving slump at church?

Most churches face a drop in giving in the summertime. People are on vacation, and giving to church isn’t always their top priority. Cash flow can be an issue, and it’s easy for pastors and church leaders to panic. Here …

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