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3 steps to easier preaching

I know what it’s like to preach week after week, year after year. It’s exhilarating–and exhausting. It’s satisfying–and terrifying. It’s fun–and a grind. So as we walk through one of the busiest times in our year, here are three ways …

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How to preach sermons that make people wiggle and keep your job

My last post was called, How to preach sermons your people will love, and many of you noted how helpful it was. One reader, David, took it one step further and asked, “Margaret, can you address how to preach sermons …

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Would you rather have a tooth pulled than preach about money ?

Here are 3 ways to make stewardship preaching easier. I recently interviewed Rev. Dr. Clayton Smith, executive pastor of generosity at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, in preparation for launching a podcast. But I don’t want to …

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How to preach like a leader

If you’re like a lot of pastors, then you need to use the pulpit to strategically support your ministry leadership. However, if you are simply trying to get a sermon done each week, then it may seem overwhelming to get …

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Let’s practice all year what we preach on the Fourth of July

It’s always easier to speak lofty ideals than to live up to them. Preachers face this difficult challenge. Week after week, we have to get up in the pulpit and give sermons, of all things. We consult with people on …

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7 Things Your Church Doesn’t Need to Hear You Say about Money

(Image: Flickr user I recently wrote about things your church needs you to say about money. Here’s another list of things they don’t need to hear you say. I’ve said most of them over the years, or some version …

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Are You Bored by Preaching the Christmas Stories?

It can be a challenge to preach through Advent and Christmas. How do you find something new to say? Don’t. The purpose of Advent/Christmas worship and preaching is to help the community reconnect with some of the primal stories of …

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Matthew Tennant on Preaching about the Economy

Matthew Tennant offered a valuable perspective on preaching about the economy in yesterday’s teleconference. A couple of items that particularly struck me: I asked him how we can pay more attention to the financial media, as he suggests, without getting …

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How to Preach about the Economy: A Leadership Adventure Teleconference

How can pastoral leaders address the ongoing economic issues from the pulpit? Please join me this Thursday, June 21at 9 Pacific/10 Mountain/11 Central/noon Eastern Time, for a one hour conference call conversation on preaching about the economy. My guest will …

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How to Preach about the Economy

We may be through the worst of the economic downturn, but economic issues are still at the forefront. How can pastoral leaders address these issues from the pulpit on an ongoing basis? People get economic news every day, via newspaper, …

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