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Do you interrupt yourself?

Grrrr…interruptions are the bane of pastoral ministry. It can be hard to get anything done when a church member pops into your office or sends an urgent text message, or a staff member says, “I just need five minutes of …

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Have you done your ministry planning for fall?

Are you ready for September? I know, some of the organized types started planning for fall this last January. But if the pastors I speak to are representative, you’re not completely ready yet. When I was a pastor, I don’t …

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When Are You Taking Time Off–Completely?

Today I want to ask you an important question: When was the last time you were completely out of touch? It’s becoming rarer in our culture. A friend spent time in a cabin in the woods where she’s been going …

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3 Mistakes That Slow Down Your Ministry Productivity

We’ve been talking about a lot of pressing issues in ministry, and I’m excited to take a breath and dive into today’s topic: Productivity. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the burden of ministry:  the constant feeling of responsibility and …

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