I know ministry can be lonely and challenging

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Hearing the stories and circumstances of other pastors and receiving creative feedback from you and my colleagues is invigorating and empowering, leading me to think more deeply about the ways I deal with anxious situations in my own church – situations that cause anxiety within the church and within me. The Roundtable discussions have encouraged me to be less anxious in my own presence in the congregation and helped me to acknowledge my over-functioning habits and realize how those habits are not helpful to the congregation or to me.

It’s truly a joy and a source of hope to explore with colleagues ways of dealing with difficult situations in our ministries.

Rev. Dennis Christianson
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Trumansburg, NY


Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The Clergy Leadership Roundtables surround you with motivated ministers who appreciate the value of growing alongside others. These are professionals, just like you who don’t want to burn out and who want to bring their best selves to their ministry.

I am thrilled about these roundtables. I know that ministry can be lonely and challenging. It can be hard to find the time to travel to connect with others. I’ve always wanted to create a way for people to make connections and troubleshoot their problems with people who really get it. This roundtable is how you can get the support you need. Not all groups are created equal. And this won’t be a ministers’ gripe session, but a focused opportunity to do solid work on critical issues. You’ll walk away with new ideas and a fresh way of thinking about yourself and your ministry. Plus you’ll gain four new colleagues!

You’re invited to join: Clergy Leadership Roundtable

What is a roundtable? It’s a dynamic format for group learning. Different from an online course or a support group, the roundtable has elements of both, and is designed to generate your best thinking about your ministry and that of your colleagues.

The roundtable meets virtually once a month for six months via Zoom video conference calling. Groups are made up of 4-5 people and all are experienced ministers. A roundtable provides accountability and encouragement and can often lead to breakthroughs in ministry, faith and in life.


For more accountability, action, and yes, support

A roundtable provides accountability and encouragement for its members. Members each have an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to someone else’s challenges and receive feedback and ideas on their own. Often, participants find roundtables help them plan better and follow-through on making their dreams a reality. While it’s not a “support group” per se, members DO receive encouragement and support from their colleagues.

With real results that improve your life, ministry, and congregation

Roundtable groups are known to catapult results in its members, which is why they are so common in the business world. Yet their power takes on a whole new level when ministerial leaders gather to diligently focus on improving their lives and their churches. This roundtable will help you:

And deep relationships with colleagues

Your select group will have four or five seasoned ministers like you who have been vetted through an application process. During the roundtable, our group conversations around immediate questions, needs, or challenges, bring us together with a clear focus on understanding and addressing unique situations. During each session, one member has an opportunity to present a specific situation they want support, brainstorming, and feedback on from the group. You will find yourself more deeply connected than you thought possible in a virtual group.

Apply today!

Your first step is applying today. You don’t have to pay a dime. When you apply, you’ll schedule a conversation with me. Everyone is going through this process to make sure the groups will be cohesive and productive.

Whether you’re curious about this opportunity or know it’s exactly what you’ve been praying for, click here to APPLY before April 18. Join the transformative Clergy Leadership Roundtable for $750.

Clergy Leadership Roundtable

Margaret Marcuson brings a wealth of expertise to the Clergy Leadership Roundtables. I gained some new insights into ministry and myself in the very first session, and I was surprised by how well the online platform works for group conversation about ministry. I highly recommend you join one of the next Roundtable groups.

–Rev. Margaret Lewis, pastor, First Baptist Church, Nashua, New Hampshire


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a session really look like?
That’s a great question, and instead of trying to write it out – I’d rather show you! Check out this mini-session with some amazing colleagues.

What if I have to miss a meeting?
If you have to miss one of the meetings out of the six, you can schedule a 30-minute individual session with me.

How are you defining an “Experienced Minister?”
A minister who’s been leading for at least 5 years.

What topics are we going to discuss?
Each session I’ll share briefly some of my best ideas on church leadership, money, ministry relationships, productivity, personal growth and communication. Then we’ll discuss the topics that YOU find most relevant as you share what’s up in your ministry and where you need thoughtful support. I’ll bring a systems perspective to my teaching and coaching you through your case.

Is there homework?
I’ll suggest a brief reading from the book Leadership in Ministry before each session. If you are presenting a case you will need to send out one page describing it at least one day before our meeting. I’ll give you a format to use. For the rest of the group, you will need to read the case before we meet.

Can you ensure confidentiality?
I will ask each group member to make a commitment to confidentiality before the groups begin. I cannot guarantee confidentiality because this is a virtual group with multiple members in the group. Sharing inside the group is encouraged and each individual is in control of what they feel comfortable sharing.  

Do we get a recording of the groups?
I will record the case study portion of the group and share it with the individual who presented the case. This way, as you’re discussing your situation, you can stay present and don’t have to worry about taking notes or writing down all the ideas. 

What’s the application process like?
It’s an online form that asks a few questions about your ministry context, your hopes for your ministry and what you want to get from the group. From there, you’ll schedule a time to talk with me where I review the details and you get to ask any questions. We’ll each get a feel for each other to make sure it’s a good fit.

When will we know if our application is accepted?
I will let you know by email, usually within 36 hours of our call.

I’m new to ministry. Will you run another type of roundtable in the future?
I hope to! I love this format and I look forward to creating more offerings. If you have an idea of a roundtable you’d like me to lead – email me at margaret@margaretmarcuson.com and let me know.


Join the transformative Clergy Leadership Roundtable for just $750!


The ongoing opportunity of the Clergy Leadership Roundtable provides regular reflection of ministry and life situations. Gathering over time and distance via video conferencing and using the prism that Bowen Family Systems Theory provides, Margaret Marcuson conducts the group so that I was mentored. I looked forward to each gathering, even if I had a difficult matter to present. I would recommend the Clergy Leadership Roundtable to be of great assistance for any person in ministry leadership.  — Rev. Joel Alvis, Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbus, GA


I found that the composition of this group — a gathering of like-minded clergy from different denominations and destinations — created a safe space that was both intimate and anonymous, meaning that I was able to share openly my concerns of my congregation without breaking confidentiality since the members of the group did not know my congregants. Rev. Rose Ann Vita, Interim Pastor, Emmanuel United Church, Brampton, Ontario