How I Work

Effective Leader, Healthy Church


What’s it like to work with Margaret Marcuson?

Here are results my clients have reported. On this page I also outline my foundational principles, approach to client projects, and how I differ from most ministry consultants.

Expected Results


Guiding Beliefs or Values

Leadership. Leadership can make a real difference in the world.

Faith. I trust that God’s purposes are at work in us and in the world. I do this work because I’ve been called to it.

Hope. Opportunities for learning, growth and possibility are always present.

Reliability. I keep my word, and follow through on what I say I will do.

Depth. My goal is always to take my clients and myself deeper.


My approach

I work with leaders on how they make a difference.

My approach is not about a quick fix or about changing others, but about how leaders themselves step up to the important task of facing challenges, inertia and resistance.

I work with pastors to discover their own deep resources for leading out of themselves. I help them see the bigger picture of their long term goals and the kind of self-development, strategy and persistence most likely to get them there.

Whether I work with a minister for a day or over a long period of time, the focus is the same: to help clergy lead as they

1) develop greater clarity about their own self, purpose and goals, and

2) develop stronger relationships with those they lead.

The bottom line: a more solidly grounded ministry with far greater potential for long-term ministry results.

My uniqueness

I know what ministry is like because I lived it as a pastoral leader for fifteen years. I offer a wider perspective on the way churches function and how to make a difference within them. Rather than a leadership technique or formula, I offer a new way to live in ministry which fits your unique calling and giftedness.


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