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7 Ways to Make Easter Last Longer

No, I don’t mean more work for church professionals! But Easter is one time when the church knows how to celebrate. We could use more of that. Here are seven suggestions for extending Easter by developing the spiritual practice of …

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Ten Ways to Take Five Minutes for Yourself Every Day This Holy Week

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. The beginning of Holy Week. Can you go home from church on Easter Sunday without being exhausted? Well, perhaps not. But here are ten ideas to give yourself a break every day this week: Spend five …

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Phyllis Tickle Coming to the Portland Area This Fall

I had a great conversation this week with Lauren Deming and Scott Crane of Menucha Conference center.. They told me that they will be hosting Phyllis Tickle this fall for their 2013 Wright Lectures. She will speak on her books …

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What Do You Want This Year?

New Year’s resolutions are loaded with obligation. I ought to exercise more this year. I ought to lose weight. I ought to pray more. I ought to spend more time with my family. Health, spiritual life and family life are …

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10 Ideas for Church Leaders to Make a Little Time for Themselves This Week:

1. Set an alarm for 90 minutes, and when it goes off, spend 5 minutes paying attention to your breath. If five minutes is too long, take one minute. Repeat. 2. Postpone 5 items from your list until December 26 …

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Jeff Woods on Four Options for Church Leaders

In yesterday’s teleconference, Jeff Woods, Associate General Secretary for American Baptist Churches USA, shared his thinking about four approaches church leaders can take. 1. Character Leadership. The leader expresses the fruit of the Spirit in their own life, exercises authority …

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Missional Preaching: A Book Review

I received a review copy of Missional Preaching, by Al Tizon, from Judson Press recently. I found it a valuable resource for preachers who are attempting to present the broad range of the gospel in their preaching. I’m not a …

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What Do You Want This Summer? A Lesson for Church Leaders from Ice Cream

When I was in Columbus, Ohio, last week, for the Healthy Congregations Leadership Series 2012 special event, I had some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. We have some great ice cream in Portland, …

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What Church Leaders Can Learn from an Opera Star

I saw soprano Renee Fleming perform with the Oregon Symphony last night. I’ve wanted to see her for a long time. Her book, The Inner Voice, was an inspiration to me as an amateur singer. In addition to the delights …

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What are the top 10 books that have changed your life and ministry? Last fall Chuck Warnock in his blog, Confessions of a Small Church Pastor, asked this question, and included his list. It caused me to develop my own …

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