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Cultivate Generosity in Your Church by Sharing the Story

If you want people in your church to show more generosity, try telling them a story. Help them imagine what you are asking them to give to. You will communicate with them why you want them to be generous. People …

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Eleven things money is not

Money is not dangerous a measure of self-worth love security the root of all evil (it’s the love of money…) the only way for you (or your church) to get what you want enough for a true life unimportant the …

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Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA, on practicing year-round church stewardship

Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA, had great ideas for developing year-round stewardship in your church in my teleconference interview yesterday. Here are some of Maggie’s suggestions:   Look for ways to do stewardship year-round that don’t necessarily involve asking for money. …

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Talking about stewardship all year long: a Leadership Adventure teleconference with Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA

Please join me next Tuesday, June 25, at 1 Pacific/2 Mountain/3 Central/4 Eastern Time, for a one hour conference call conversation on year-round stewardship with Rev. Margaret Lewis, M.Div., MBA. Maggie is executive director of the Center for Career Development …

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Talking about Church Stewardship All Year Long

What if churches engaged in a practice of year-round stewardship education and promotion? A little emphasis year round, rather than a  few weeks once a year can help people grow in faith as they relate to their resources—and help develop …

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Some ancient words on sharing our resources

I’ve been reading devotionally Margaret Guenther’s At Home in the World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us. It’s a wonderful book, which I intend to review when I’m finished. The passage I read today, in a chapter entitled …

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Chick Lane on Leading Stewardship

Chick Lane, director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary shared some helpful ideas for pastors and lay leaders about leading stewardship in yesterday’s teleconference. Lane strongly suggested that we talk about money at church when we’re not …

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Stewardship in December

This is a guest post by Chick Lane, director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary. He will be my teleconference guest this Thursday — registration information is here. Stewardship in December is always a challenge. For eleven …

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How to Lead Stewardship without Over (or Under) Functioning

How can you engage more fully in the stewardship process, without overfunctioning or underfunctioning? Remember: the functioning of the leader is more important than any stewardship program. Some programs may be better than others, yet any program can work if …

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What Can You Celebrate about Stewardship? Five Items to Remember

Are you in the middle of stewardship season? It’s easy to feel like the stewardship campaign is something to get through. We can sigh with relief when it’s over (if the figures come in all right). When I was a …

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