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Things every pastor should know about money

Pastors, what do you know about money? How we relate to money is a deeply spiritual matter and a critical part of ministry. No money, no ministry. Doing God’s work requires resources. Raising and managing money for ministry is holy …

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The one thing every pastor should know about leadership

Here’s one thing I learned about church leadership: It’s not about changing others. This was a hard-won lesson for me, after years of trying to do just that. And it was a relief when I finally learned it. What is …

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Are you addicted to other people’s words?

My daughter has a sweatshirt my mother-in-law gave her. “So many books, so little time.” We might add, “So many blogs, so little time.” In ministry it’s possible to spend what little spare time we have reading other people’s words. …

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Can money be holy?

We have a historically thorny relationship with money in the church. We need it to live and we need it for ministry. And we are little afraid of it. Pastors and lay people can view money as secular. At an …

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What I’ve learned about ministry from my voice teacher

I’ve been taking voice lessons for almost 20 years, 16 of them with the same teacher, Judi Stabler. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from her. Three are particularly relevant to ministry: First, be yourself. Judi is clear with me …

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Why I’m giving up online news for Lent

This year I’m giving up online news for Lent I don’t always give up something. Sometimes I add something on. A couple of years ago I gave away money every day. Last year I wrote a thank you note every …

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What to do about THAT church member

Every pastor has one: That church member you dread to see coming. The one who monopolizes your time. The one who pushes all your buttons. The one you think about in the night, wondering what to do. Sometimes it’s a …

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3 steps to easier preaching

I know what it’s like to preach week after week, year after year. It’s exhilarating–and exhausting. It’s satisfying–and terrifying. It’s fun–and a grind. So as we walk through one of the busiest times in our year, here are three ways …

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The truth about time management

An endless amount has been written about time management. I’ve read a lot of it myself, and written a certain amount, too. I’ve been interested in this topic from the beginning of my ministry. The thing is: There’s a hoax …

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Take a stand at church (and keep your job)

Leadership means you have to say things that not everyone wants to hear. You know this. I know this. Even your board may know this. But a lot of people still resist it. So how is leadership looking in your …

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