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Are there spooks in your church?

It’s Halloween, and I’m thinking about church spooks. No, not ghosts, exactly. I don’t really think churches are literally haunted. But sometimes the ghosts of the past are present in the life of a congregation. A few examples: A founding …

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Can you take a mini-retreat for your ministry?

Are you working “on” your ministry as well as “in” it? My colleague, Vern Sanders, asked me this question last summer. I’ve been thinking about this ever since. Fall is a particularly difficult time to do this. We get so …

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Leading with Creative Courage: A Workshop in Oak Ridge Tennessee (with music)

I’ll be in Oak Ridge, Tennessee February 20-22 for a Leading with Creative Courage workshop, together with my colleague Jake Morrill. (See Jake’s recent guest post on this blog on what he believes about ministry here. The workshop will help …

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Four secrets for enjoying your stewardship campaign

Are you in the middle of your annual stewardship campaign? Are you having a good time? Sometimes budget woes, a history of conflict about money, or a pastor’s reluctance to ask people to give can make this time of year …

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Fourteen things one minister believes about leadership

Jake Morrill, minister of Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church (Tennessee), put an interesting post on Facebook recently. I asked him if I could share it with you. He’s one of my coaching clients (I also share that with his permission). …

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Don’t let e-mail get in the way of your real work

Are you behind on e-mail? Is it keeping you from the really important work? Here is a great article from Mark Forster on quickly dealing with an e-mail backlog. (Sadly, doesn’t work with gmail.) I’ve been using this method, and …

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What books help you spiritually with your leadership?

I’m a fast reader and tend to swallow books whole. But I like to have one book on spiritual matters which I read slowly, a few pages a day, at the end of my prayer time each morning. Here are …

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Keeping the memory fresh and the record accurate

After my last post about Winston Churchill, I got an e-mail from David Freeman, Ph.D., editor of the Chartwell Bulletin from the Churchill Centre, saying, “Winston Churchill’s father did not die from syphilis. That is an ancient and long-since refuted …

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Ten ways for church leaders to lead like Winston Churchill

Are you facing some difficulties at church lately? Whether your challenges are internal or external, you can learn something from Winston Churchill. He was Prime Minister of Britain through World War II, and led his country through terrifying bombing and …

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Getting more neutral about politics

I came across a fascinating blog post by Jenny Brown, author of the great book, Growing Yourself Up, which I reviewed last year. She talks about heroes and villains in politics and family life. She’s writing in the Australian context, …

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