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Celebrating 25 years of ministry

Today is the 25th anniversary of my ordination. I was ordained at the First Baptist Church of Berkeley, California. My family also gave us a big party that day to celebrate and to say good-bye. Two days later, we left …

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Have you taken time to rest?

I hope you’ve taken time to rest this summer. It’s essential for church leaders — well, everyone. I’m convinced that leaders who have enough space in their lives are more creative, less cranky and more fun to be around. I’m …

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Ten tips for understanding your money story

The way we learned about money from our families affects how we handle money matters at church. Becoming more aware and reflective about our family money story will lead to more choices in how we function in church budget meetings, …

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What are the two most important items to put on your church website?

At a recent ministry mastermind gathering organized by Vern Sanders, Vern said something important about church websites. When people go to your site, they want to know the time of worship and how to get there. He’s noticed how often …

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Eleven things money is not

Money is not dangerous a measure of self-worth love security the root of all evil (it’s the love of money…) the only way for you (or your church) to get what you want enough for a true life unimportant the …

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Ten things money is

Money is: a resource (for individuals, families, churches) something that creates possibility a necessity for giving for spending imaginary (it has no real value, only what we give it) neutral (we supply the meaning) a way to take care of …

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Seven tips to enjoy ministry in August

Here are seven tips to enjoy these last weeks before the fall ministry deluge. Take your vacation. If you’ve had your vacation, do something small but vacation-like every week (or every day!). Do something every week to plan for 2013-2014. …

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Leading without pressuring others to change

“This was all about changing without seeming to change. It’s about steadily and insistently improving without seeming to exert pressure or anxiety to do so.” I wrote recently about Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others, by Stacy Horn. This …

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What do you dream of for your church and your ministry?

I’m reading a book called Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others, by Stacy Horn. Yesterday I read Horn’s account of the story of Frank Damrosch, the son of a famous conductor, who started “People’s Singing Classes” in 1892, because …

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Have you made the same mistakes about church finance that I made?

I’ve been thinking about the mistakes I made about money when I was a pastor. Here are ten. Being afraid to talk about money. Early in my ministry this was the area I struggled with most. I was anxious about …

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