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We Are All God’s Children

“One thing that seems to get overlooked is that Jesus is the only person in recorded history whose parents thought he was a child of God rather than their own creative project and possession. This fact long could revolutionize parenthood …

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What Does “Home” Mean?

We are preparing to help my parents move from Sacramento to Portland in a couple of weeks. It has been quite a journey and will continue to be so. They are 87 and 88. They have lived in their (big) …

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Is the Sky Falling at Church?

Church leaders face many crises and dangers: from without, a rapidly changing environment and an uncertain global economy; from within, budget difficulties, interpersonal struggles and questions about the pastor’s vision and direction. Deciding how to respond to real and perceived …

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Shackleton after a Decade

I first read Caroline Alexander’s book about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton in 1999. I found the story of Shackleton’s expedition riveting. He overcame disaster to bring back all his men alive. I’ve continued to be intrigued by the story, reading, …

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A New Book to Read: Leading from the Lion’s Den

I recently received a review copy of a book by Tom R. Harper, Leading from the Lion’s Den. Harper is an evangelical leader and businessman. (Full disclosure: I blog for his site, Church Central.) He writes a brief leadership reflection …

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What Do Leaders Need?

What are the most important qualities for leadership? I’m reading a book by Anthony DeMello called Seek God Everywhere, and this jumped out at me. DeMello likes what was said about the woman who founded the Maryknoll Sisters, Mary Joseph …

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A Pastoral Resource from Kathleen Rehl: Moving Forward on Your Own, A Financial Guidebook for Widows

Let me commend to you a new book by Kathleen Rehl, Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows. Kathleen, a fee-only financial planner, was my guest on my last teleconference. (See here for my brief summary of …

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How Is Your Writing?

On Writing Well is a classic book on writing by William Zinsser. Jill Kelly, my writing coach, blogged about it last month here. I bought it for myself, and I highly recommend it for every pastor — for everyone, really. …

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How to Become a Bishop without Being Religious

I just finished Charles M. Smith’s 1965 book How to Become a Bishop without Being Religious. It was good for many laughs and a few groans. It’s both a great satire and a window into another age of church life …

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This Makes Church Look Easy

Have you ever read Homer’s The Iliad? My book group is reading it this month. I’ve wanted to read it my whole adult life, and I knew I couldn’t do it without a deadline. I met a man on a …

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