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Can you recognize four signs of a church troublemaker?

Do you know how to watch out for a potential problem person at church? It’s not the most fun thing to do, but being aware and alert about this can help save you lots of heartache in the future. To …

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Five reasons to celebrate church conflict

Do you hate conflict at church? I’ll be honest with you. I’m as conflict averse as the next church leader. My mother hated conflict, and so do I. My heart starts to pound and my palms sweat. In my heart …

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Five signs you don’t take a church conflict seriously enough

It’s possible to take church conflict too seriously – or not seriously enough. In some church conflicts, it is vital for the pastor and other key leaders to take a stand and say, in essence, “You can’t act like that …

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Seven warning signs you take a church conflict too seriously

So many pastors I speak to hate church conflict. It’s possible to take conflict too seriously. Surprisingly, taking it seriously can get in the way of moving through the conflict. Seriousness is a sign of anxiety, and makes it harder …

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