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Six Ways to Practice Listening at Church

So much of your time is spent planning, crafting, and speaking. Yet one of the most important practices that I guarantee will build your leadership is listening. It’s an essential part of pastoral care AND it can enhance your leadership …

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What to do when there’s not enough money at church

When a congregation doesn’t have enough money, anxiety goes up. Then the church looks for solutions, usually to their pastor first. And when a pastor is uncomfortable talking about money, everyone is thrown off and is challenged. If the church’s …

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How to preach sermons that make people wiggle and keep your job

My last post was called, How to preach sermons your people will love, and many of you noted how helpful it was. One reader, David, took it one step further and asked, “Margaret, can you address how to preach sermons …

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Are you feeling overwhelmed this Holy Week?

How is Holy Week going for you so far? It’s easy to wear yourself out in the run-up to Easter. I talked with a pastor last week from a tradition that has services every night of Holy Week. He said …

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The minimalist guide to clergy burnout

Are you exhausted? Do you feel the weight of your church? Edwin Friedman used to say, “Stress comes less from overwork than from taking responsibilities for the problems of others.” It’s the most common source of clergy burnout. It’s that …

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Three simple ways to enjoy ministry more this year

Would you like to enjoy your ministry more this year? Here are three simple, though not necessarily easy, ways to do so. First, let go of the outcome for the year. This may seem counterintuitive at a time when everyone …

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Five ways for pastors to enjoy the rest of the year

The pressure is on this next week to have a wonderful Fourth Sunday of Advent and a fabulous Christmas Eve service. You may feel like you are hanging on by your fingernails until Christmas Eve. Here are five ways to …

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The top four ministry resources I’m using right now

Here are the top four ministry resources I’m using right now. They’re not magical, but they are helping me. Dave Ellis, Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams. His twelve strategies (beginning with “determine what you want”) are worth …

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How to preach like a leader

If you’re like a lot of pastors, then you need to use the pulpit to strategically support your ministry leadership. However, if you are simply trying to get a sermon done each week, then it may seem overwhelming to get …

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Here’s a little-known way to improve your leadership at church

To improve your leadership at church: focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Most church leaders spend a lot of time and energy trying to do the impossible: change others and control the future. Here’s a better …

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