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I want giving to your ministry to be bigger than ever

Do you want to raise more money in your fall campaign? (I hope your  answer is, “Yes.”) Well, there are no guarantees, but I can promise that you are more likely to help your people be more generous if you …

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Let’s take charge of your financial life

Do you have piles of ministry receipts that you never quite get turned in to church? Do you always feel like you aren’t sure where you are financially? Are you worried about your future – because of all the impending …

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What every pastor ought to know about money

Here are five important things about money every pastor ought to know. Any one of them can be difficult to learn depending on your background, life experience and aptitude. This is not a 5 quick tips article. However, over time …

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When money brought me to my knees

I love having you in my community of leaders. And frequently when I write to you, I think about the challenges of ministry, identify a topic, and come up with a series of action steps to remedy or support it. …

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Let’s make church finance team meetings easier

Do you dread meetings of your church finance team or committee? If so, you’re not alone. I often hear: “I feel SO uncomfortable dealing with money matters. It’s outside my comfort zone” “I get frustrated with the bottom-line mentality of …

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Are you ready to never worry about money again?

Right now, are you worried about money? Whether it’s your church’s money or your personal money–the thought of cash coming in and cash going out can be stressful, especially if more is going out than is coming in. Here’s my …

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5 things I wish I knew about stewardship 30 years ago

When I started in ministry 30 years ago I knew next to nothing about stewardship. I was anxious, puzzled, and didn’t feel up to the task. So not up to the task that I remember that first year I called …

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Are you facing a summer giving slump at church?

Most churches face a drop in giving in the summertime. People are on vacation, and giving to church isn’t always their top priority. Cash flow can be an issue, and it’s easy for pastors and church leaders to panic. Here …

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What to do when there’s not enough money at church

When a congregation doesn’t have enough money, anxiety goes up. Then the church looks for solutions, usually to their pastor first. And when a pastor is uncomfortable talking about money, everyone is thrown off and is challenged. If the church’s …

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Would you rather have a tooth pulled than preach about money ?

Here are 3 ways to make stewardship preaching easier. I recently interviewed Rev. Dr. Clayton Smith, executive pastor of generosity at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, in preparation for launching a podcast. But I don’t want to …

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