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New study shows active churchgoers want e-giving options

Have you considered e-giving options for your church? There are good reasons to do so. This guest post is written by Kevin Lee, CEO of Vanco Payment Solutions about Vanco’s new study of giving habits and giving preference. I found …

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Pastors: help your people see money in the light of faith

Do you wish you could help people make the faith connection with their money? The most faithful of church people are bombarded with ads many times a day, more each year. Businesses ask them for their money constantly. Few are …

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Are you too generous at church?

Is it possible to be too generous? I think so. Church leaders can be too generous with their money, their time, and their forgiveness, in ways that are not good for them or the people they are being “generous” with. …

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Cultivate Generosity in Your Church by Sharing the Story

If you want people in your church to show more generosity, try telling them a story. Help them imagine what you are asking them to give to. You will communicate with them why you want them to be generous. People …

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Seven Church Finance Numbers Pastors Need to Know

We’re all thinking about numbers this week since taxes are due today. Do you know your church’s numbers? Many pastors feel intimidated when reading church financial reports and having conversations about finance and stewardship. Here are seven church finance numbers …

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Do you (or your leaders) make these five mistakes when communicating about money at church?

I don’t have to tell you that communication is a big challenge for church leaders. “I didn’t know about…” “No one ever told us…” You may have shared the message for weeks, and people still didn’t get it. This is …

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Three reasons to love asking people to give

Is your church preparing for your stewardship campaign? Remember this: When you provide leadership in stewardship at church, you do essential work. You help people connect their money and their faith. Both money and faith are part of everyday life, …

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7 things to remember while planning for your church’s fall stewardship program

Some churches have their stewardship campaign all set for this fall. Others haven’t even started planning. Whatever your situation, big church or small, early planning or last-minute effort, here are seven things to remember. Ask yourself, “What do we want …

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You may have a higher net worth than Donald Trump

Do you know what your net worth is? No, not that net worth, your personal net worth. Not the dollars you have, but the qualities and results you have developed, and the liabilities you have personally. Here’s how it works: …

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9 warning signs that your church may have high anxiety about money

Money easily becomes a focus for people’s anxiety. Our survival–personal and institutional–depends on money, so it draws our anxious attention. This ongoing chronic anxiety about survival shows up in a variety of ways in congregational life Here are some of the ways: Secrecy …

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