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What does Holy Week have to do with money?

This year, Holy Week and money are closely related for me. I’m on a quest for spiritual and emotional freedom in my relationship with money, freedom from fear and for possibility. I know I’m not the only one who struggles …

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Why I’m Having Fun with Money for Lent

As my Lenten practice this year, I’m having fun with money every day. Fun and Lent seem mutually exclusive. Lent has traditionally been about giving something up. But last year for Lent, I had fun every day. For a responsible …

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Are You Looking Up Enough?

Where are you looking? Up or down? A speaker I heard years ago recommended looking at the sky more. He said it helps give you perspective. Even when you are looking at a garbage dump, he suggested, if you frame …

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A story about giving thanks as spiritual discipline

After my last post on giving thanks as a spiritual experiment, I got the following e-mail from my colleague, Joe Kutter, which I share with his permission: “It has for years been a part of my prayer discipline to name …

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Take the Next Step

I came across this image of a sculpture called “Walking Madonna,” by Elizabeth Frink, in the cathedral close at Salisbury. Esther de Waal in her book To Pause at the Threshold, refers to this statue, and I found this photo …

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How to use social media like St. Benedict

How much time do you spend on social media? Engaging with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc., etc., whether for ministry or personal purposes can be: fun, infuriating, overwhelming, inspiring. You laugh at a funny picture, are touched by a …

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What books help you spiritually with your leadership?

I’m a fast reader and tend to swallow books whole. But I like to have one book on spiritual matters which I read slowly, a few pages a day, at the end of my prayer time each morning. Here are …

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Keeping the memory fresh and the record accurate

After my last post about Winston Churchill, I got an e-mail from David Freeman, Ph.D., editor of the Chartwell Bulletin from the Churchill Centre, saying, “Winston Churchill’s father did not die from syphilis. That is an ancient and long-since refuted …

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Eleven things money is not

Money is not dangerous a measure of self-worth love security the root of all evil (it’s the love of money…) the only way for you (or your church) to get what you want enough for a true life unimportant the …

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Ten things money is

Money is: a resource (for individuals, families, churches) something that creates possibility a necessity for giving for spending imaginary (it has no real value, only what we give it) neutral (we supply the meaning) a way to take care of …

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