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Have a blessed time of preparation for Easter

As you approach these last days of Holy Week and prepare for the celebration of Easter in your community, please know you are in my prayers. Here’s a blessing designed to offer at the end of the Easter service. I …

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Five ways to pray (in 5 minutes or less)

It’s true. Nothing will help support your ministry like prayer. So let’s get to some prayer ideas to try for Lent: Pray through your calendar. As you review your schedule do it prayerfuly. Do this monthly, daily, and weekly as …

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Are you ready to never worry about money again?

Right now, are you worried about money? Whether it’s your church’s money or your personal money–the thought of cash coming in and cash going out can be stressful, especially if more is going out than is coming in. Here’s my …

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The top four ministry resources I’m using right now

Here are the top four ministry resources I’m using right now. They’re not magical, but they are helping me. Dave Ellis, Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams. His twelve strategies (beginning with “determine what you want”) are worth …

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How to Pray for Your Own Spiritual Leadership in Five Minutes

Do you think you pray enough? I’ve met a few clergy who do, but most say, “I should pray more…” Here are four thoughts on prayer for clergy: 1) Prayer is crucial to sustain spiritual leadership. 2) Praying out of …

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Are You Looking Up Enough?

Where are you looking? Up or down? A speaker I heard years ago recommended looking at the sky more. He said it helps give you perspective. Even when you are looking at a garbage dump, he suggested, if you frame …

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A story about giving thanks as spiritual discipline

After my last post on giving thanks as a spiritual experiment, I got the following e-mail from my colleague, Joe Kutter, which I share with his permission: “It has for years been a part of my prayer discipline to name …

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How to use social media like St. Benedict

How much time do you spend on social media? Engaging with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc., etc., whether for ministry or personal purposes can be: fun, infuriating, overwhelming, inspiring. You laugh at a funny picture, are touched by a …

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What is enough prayer for church leaders?

In my recent (fabulous) interview with Ed Bacon, he talked about his hour of quiet time first thing every morning. I must admit my first thought was, “Oh, no! I’m not praying enough.” I spend about 5-10 minutes in quiet …

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Three Things to Remember about Making Decisions at Church (and at Home)

Do you have a decision you need to make – at church or in your personal life? Here are three things to consider: First, there may not be one “right” decision. When I was growing up, there was a lot …

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