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How to Pray for the Difficult People in Your Church

We all have people at church we love – and then there are the others. The people who are always critical. The ones who love you and can’t leave you alone. The person who always calls you on your day …

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Anne Lamott’s Help, Thanks, Wow

I just finished Anne Lamott’s new little book, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers (full disclosure: I got it from the library).  Just over 100 pages, it’s a wonderful book for those who pray all the time and those …

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What Do You Want This Year?

New Year’s resolutions are loaded with obligation. I ought to exercise more this year. I ought to lose weight. I ought to pray more. I ought to spend more time with my family. Health, spiritual life and family life are …

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An Image of Gratitude

Last month we saw this sculpture by Retha Walden Gambaro at the Heard Museum in Phoenix: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Six Buddhist Ways to Trust God More

How much do you trust God day to day? Karl, my husband, shared with me a list of “six words of advice” from an Indian Buddhist teacher, Tilopa. (Perhaps he thought I needed them…) I’ve found myself thinking about these …

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The Thomas Merton Guide to Prayer: 4 Reasons Why Skimming Is Not the Best Way to Read the Bible

Last summer I picked up a copy of Thomas Merton’s little book, Praying the Psalms, in a Mennonite bookstore in Newton, Kansas, for 85 cents. (It’s still in print 57 years after publication…) I’ve been reading a page or two …

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10 Prayer Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for the Spiritual Life of Church Leaders

Do you think you “ought” to pray more? Do you have trouble finding time for prayer? Here are ten time-saving ways to develop spiritually. 1. Pray when you want to. Don’t make yourself pray. 2. Pray your favorite Bible text, …

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What Does the Bible Say about Money?

I’ve been thinking about the complex threads in the Bible related to money and wealth. I’ve heard people make simplistic statements like, “God wants you to be rich,” and “rich people are selfish.” In fact, the Scriptures are filled with …

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Giving up Worry: An Update

So I gave up worry for Lent. (Here’s the original post.) To be honest, I didn’t really give it up completely, but I worried less. I found myself able to notice my worry and let it go quicker. I loved …

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Will There Be Enough?

At the beginning of Lent I wrote about my intention to give up worry for Lent. I’ve noticed some setbacks already, but when I do I move my mind back to prayer, especially to the short, ancient prayer, “Lord Jesus, …

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