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What to do about THAT church member

Every pastor has one: That church member you dread to see coming. The one who monopolizes your time. The one who pushes all your buttons. The one you think about in the night, wondering what to do. Sometimes it’s a …

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Six untruths pastors like to tell themselves about relationships

If you’re a pastor, you probably spend a lot of time connecting with people in your church. That’s good. Relationships are essential to leadership. However, I think pastors sometimes believe things about relating to others that simply aren’t true. You …

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The #2 reason pastors burn out and how you can avoid it

The last time I wrote to you I outlined the #1 reason pastors burn out: overfunctioning. There’s a second reason pastors burn out, and it’s related to #1. To be honest, I’m not sure which one is first or second. …

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Pastors: What do you talk about at the dinner table?

In the busyness of life, you do have dinner with your family, right? So, what do you talk about at the dinner table? I recently read an article about Robert Caro, author of multiple biographies of President Lyndon Johnson. His …

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Three ways to build relationships before summer’s over

Summer’s almost over. It’s two-and-a-half weeks until Labor Day (sorry to say). And unless you’re taking a late-summer vacation, you’re probably getting ready for fall. And fall rolls into the holidays, and before you know it, it’s 2017. Here’s something …

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Six Ways to Practice Listening at Church

So much of your time is spent planning, crafting, and speaking. Yet one of the most important practices that I guarantee will build your leadership is listening. It’s an essential part of pastoral care AND it can enhance your leadership …

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Four Ways for Pastors to Build Relationships at Church

It’s common for pastors to be so busy and hurried that relationship building falls to the wayside. But if you keep it front and center, you’ll be amazed at how so many other pieces fall into place. To break it …

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