How I Work

Effective Leader, Healthy Church


What’s it like to work with Margaret Marcuson?

Here are results my clients have reported. On this page I also outline my foundational principles, approach to client projects, and how I differ from most ministry consultants.

Expected Results

You’ll find a greater sense of direction and purpose for your ministry. You’ll have more clarity about what you want out of ministry. Life can be clearer, and you can have an increase in energy and motivation for the work. This alone will help you be a more effective leader.

Others will step up to the plate as you get clearer about what you are responsible for—and just as important -what you aren’t. This doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and the guts to stop doing those things that aren’t in line with your core calling and gifts, and to wait out the reaction that often happens when leaders challenge others rather than carry the load for everyone.

You will learn an effective approach to conflict which allows you and other church leaders to take a stand with difficult people, to ride out conflict instead of being thrown by it. You’ll be able to experience the ups and downs of congregational life with more grace and less stress.

You’ll gain more energy and clarity for your ministry. As you understand where you are headed you will be less overwhelmed by the demands of the congregation and more able to make choices about what you will and won’t do. You’ll be clearer about the boundaries in your ministry.


Guiding Beliefs or Values

The value of leadership. I have a passion for helping leaders lead. Our society desperately needs clear, calm and competent leaders. Every leader can improve if they are motivated to work on themselves, and leadership can make a real difference in the world.

Faith. I trust that God’s purposes are at work in us and in the world. I do this work because I’ve been called to it.

The presence of hope. I am committed to helping leaders look beyond the way things are to see how they could be. I work with you to reframe your challenges into something you can handle. Even when leaders have to make hard choices, opportunities for learning, growth and possibility are always present.

Honesty and reliability. I keep my word, and follow through in a timely manner on what I say I will do.

The value of substance: My goal is always to take my clients and myself deeper. I continue to draw on areas of knowledge, from spirituality to Bowen family systems theory to business practice to humor, all of which benefit those I work with.


My approach

I work with leaders on how they make a difference. My approach is not about a quick fix or about changing others, but about how leaders themselves step up to the important task of facing challenges, inertia and resistance. I teach leaders that the ups and downs are part of the automatic and normal process all organizations experience. I help them learn ways not to take the challenges personally. I work with them to discover their own deep resources for leading out of themselves, not through a technique to impose their will on their followers. I help them see the bigger picture of their long term goals and the kind of self-development, strategy and persistence most likely to get them there. Whether I work with a leader for a day or over a long period of time, the focus is the same: to help leaders lead as they 1) develop greater clarity about their own self, purpose and goals, and 2) develop stronger relationships with those they lead. The bottom line: a more solidly grounded ministry with far greater potential for long-term ministry results.

My uniqueness

I knows what ministry is like because I lived it as a pastoral leader for fifteen years. I offer a wider perspective on the way churches function and how to make a difference within them. Rather than offering a leadership technique or a formula, I help people find a new way to live in ministry which fits their unique calling and giftedness.


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