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Margaret speaking for Healthy Congregations, Columbus, Ohio

for Ministry Today

Margaret Marcuson offers a number of services and programs intended to increase the leadership capabilities of clergy and lay leaders for ministry today.

All of my work applies to the issues and challenges you face in your church right now. They include:

Ministry Coaching Program: One-on-one support for pastoral leaders
This program is for clergy who want to increase their capacity to lead their congregation and to significantly improve the contribution they make to the ministry. Read More


Congregational Leadership Development


Margaret speaking for Healthy Congregations, Columbus, Ohio

Enhance your leadership by enhancing the people and their ministries within your congregation. This is for clergy and churches ready to move forward and develop both their pastoral leadership and the initiative of lay leadership. Read More


Speaking and workshops.
I make presentations for small and large groups on topics such as:

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Rabbi Michael Remson

It was a joy to chair the Interim Ministry Network’s annual conference this year, in no small measure because of you. You brought a wealth of knowledge and presented it in a unique, unpretentious style. Many thanks for enriching our conference.

Ministry Coaching Program

When you enroll in the Ministry Coaching Program, I meet with you monthly, in person or by phone, more frequently when needed. My attention and experience are yours as we focus on you and the real-time dilemmas you face. We explore alternative approaches that will unhook you from unnecessary stress and get you back to the real work of leading your congregation in ways that are good for you and the people you serve.

Over time, you will realize you have learned new ways to manage the ongoing stresses of ministry. You will notice you approach perennial conflicts and setbacks more productively, and you will understand how to deal with the inevitable resistance that arises when leaders start to move ahead.

David Hutchinson, Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR

As a pastor, I try to develop effective leadership skills, and often wish I had a guide. I have read books on conflict, leadership, management, systems theory, and all sorts of things. The books have good ideas, but applying them is often more tricky. Recently I have found someone who brings the books to life, and brings together theory and practice. She is Margaret Marcuson…I feel that she has helped me relax a little as I consider difficult situations, and find better strategies to lead. I would recommend her without hesitation to other clergy as a resource.

Interested? Call me at 503-701-7621, or e-mail me at to find out more or to schedule a free introductory session.

Congregational Leadership Development

When you enroll in Congregational Leadership Development, you bring your key leaders (often your board) into the room with you to present and shape your vision into one they, too, can enthusiastically move forward with you. It works like this: I meet with you for as long as it takes to define your vision for a healthy, functioning congregation. We gather your leaders together and you and I open conversation with them about your vision. We do it in a way they haven’t seen done before, in a way that makes you and your vision real and clear and inviting. They are given an opportunity to respond it, and we enter into a period of refinement that gets everyone on the same page, in a spirit of cooperation and clarity.

If you are like every other ministry leader I have encountered, you think your leaders understand your vision, but they’ve never really heard you lay it out in the same way you tell it to me when I ask. When you do, you bring your leaders to a new place of understanding and inspiration. I walk with you through each detail, even down to how to say what you so deeply want for them.

This process elevates all of you to the next level of leadership, collaboration, and function.

The Congregational Leadership Development process is equally effective in helping pastors and church leaders think through a current issue, such as staff crisis or conflict in the congregation, and gain more clarity about how to proceed and offer support to the participants.

Rev. Jake Morrill, Minister, Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church (Oak Ridge, TN)

Through Margaret’s good-humored support and challenge, dilemmas brimming over with stress have been transformed into options and opportunities for growth, risk-taking, faithfulness, and–yes–even fun. Because of Margaret, I’m a more relaxed, confident, and playful leader.


Interested? Call me at 503-701-7621, or e-mail me at to find out more or to schedule a free introductory session.

Speaking and Workshops

Through speaking and workshops I introduce clergy and lay leaders to a new approach to leadership, through engaging and interactive presentations that give leaders a greater sense of their own resources and the possibilities of leadership.

My presentations include:

Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry

Is church leadership a recipe for burnout? How can leaders last? There’s a way to approach ministry that’s sustainable: leaders can learn to focus on themselves and the resources they bring to their leadership rather than trying harder to help, fix or change others. This presentation will show how leaders can make a difference while sustaining themselves through the ups and downs of church life. It will help leaders become more thoughtful about the challenges they face and respond with more clarity, calm and creativity as they move forward together. When leaders know themselves, know their purpose and know their context, ministry can prosper. This presentation will enhance leaders’ understanding in these three key areas, making their work of leadership easier and more effective.

Money and Your Ministry

Is your church facing a budget crisis? Is your salary stagnant? Does your church fight about money—or keep secrets about it? This presentation will help you learn a way to understand what’s really going on (in us and in others) when money becomes an issue in congregational life, and how to lead around money with lowered anxiety and more clarity. What you will take away with you: a new way to approach the money challenges we all face at church.

Four Keys to Handling Church Politics

Why do we get stressed from relating to others, especially in the inevitable times of conflict? How can we relate to others, whether staff or church members, in a way that reduces stress and increases ministry effectiveness? The four keys give you a way to look at problems differently and more productively. Your take-away? A new approach to the relationship challenges we all face in ministry.

May I Help You? What Really Helps People Grow

There is a way of helping that creates dependency and there’s a way of helping that prompts people to grow. In this presentation you’ll learn ways to deal with stress in ministry (and other) relationships that can make you a truly helpful leader who also knows how to avoid over-responsibility. You will get clear about what kind of “helping” causes dependency in others, and how to truly help others without wearing yourself out.

Interested? Call me at 503-701-7621, or e-mail me at to find out more or to schedule a free introductory session.

“I often have an epiphany during her presentations…and refer back to them even after several years…. I have grown in my leadership skills and as a person as a result of her coaching.”

Rev. Rebecca Werner Maccini, United Church of Christ, Henniker, New Hampshire