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The top church leadership mistakes almost everyone makes

Are you making any of these church leadership mistakes? If so, you’re in good company. I’ve made them all, and you probably have too. You overfunction. You take too much responsibility. Many church leaders overfunction – both on behalf of …

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Lead like Moses: vision for your church takes time

Are you hitting your head against a wall as you pursue your church vision? Leadership can be frustrating, no doubt about it. While it’s vital to be persistent in following your vision for your church, there’s another side to the …

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Five reasons to celebrate church conflict

Do you hate conflict at church? I’ll be honest with you. I’m as conflict averse as the next church leader. My mother hated conflict, and so do I. My heart starts to pound and my palms sweat. In my heart …

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Leading with Creative Courage: A Workshop in Oak Ridge Tennessee (with music)

I’ll be in Oak Ridge, Tennessee February 20-22 for a Leading with Creative Courage workshop, together with my colleague Jake Morrill. (See Jake’s recent guest post on this blog on what he believes about ministry here. The workshop will help …

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Keeping the memory fresh and the record accurate

After my last post about Winston Churchill, I got an e-mail from David Freeman, Ph.D., editor of the Chartwell Bulletin from the Churchill Centre, saying, “Winston Churchill’s father did not die from syphilis. That is an ancient and long-since refuted …

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Ten ways for church leaders to lead like Winston Churchill

Are you facing some difficulties at church lately? Whether your challenges are internal or external, you can learn something from Winston Churchill. He was Prime Minister of Britain through World War II, and led his country through terrifying bombing and …

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Celebrating 25 years of ministry

Today is the 25th anniversary of my ordination. I was ordained at the First Baptist Church of Berkeley, California. My family also gave us a big party that day to celebrate and to say good-bye. Two days later, we left …

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Seven tips to enjoy ministry in August

Here are seven tips to enjoy these last weeks before the fall ministry deluge. Take your vacation. If you’ve had your vacation, do something small but vacation-like every week (or every day!). Do something every week to plan for 2013-2014. …

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Leading without pressuring others to change

“This was all about changing without seeming to change. It’s about steadily and insistently improving without seeming to exert pressure or anxiety to do so.” I wrote recently about Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others, by Stacy Horn. This …

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Have you made the same mistakes about church finance that I made?

I’ve been thinking about the mistakes I made about money when I was a pastor. Here are ten. Being afraid to talk about money. Early in my ministry this was the area I struggled with most. I was anxious about …

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