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When money brought me to my knees

I love having you in my community of leaders. And frequently when I write to you, I think about the challenges of ministry, identify a topic, and come up with a series of action steps to remedy or support it. …

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Ten tips for understanding your money story

The way we learned about money from our families affects how we handle money matters at church. Becoming more aware and reflective about our family money story will lead to more choices in how we function in church budget meetings, …

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Ten things money is

Money is: a resource (for individuals, families, churches) something that creates possibility a necessity for giving for spending imaginary (it has no real value, only what we give it) neutral (we supply the meaning) a way to take care of …

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Have you made the same mistakes about church finance that I made?

I’ve been thinking about the mistakes I made about money when I was a pastor. Here are ten. Being afraid to talk about money. Early in my ministry this was the area I struggled with most. I was anxious about …

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Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA, on practicing year-round church stewardship

Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA, had great ideas for developing year-round stewardship in your church in my teleconference interview yesterday. Here are some of Maggie’s suggestions:   Look for ways to do stewardship year-round that don’t necessarily involve asking for money. …

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Talking about stewardship all year long: a Leadership Adventure teleconference with Rev. Margaret Lewis, MBA

Please join me next Tuesday, June 25, at 1 Pacific/2 Mountain/3 Central/4 Eastern Time, for a one hour conference call conversation on year-round stewardship with Rev. Margaret Lewis, M.Div., MBA. Maggie is executive director of the Center for Career Development …

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Talking about Church Stewardship All Year Long

What if churches engaged in a practice of year-round stewardship education and promotion? A little emphasis year round, rather than a  few weeks once a year can help people grow in faith as they relate to their resources—and help develop …

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Some ancient words on sharing our resources

I’ve been reading devotionally Margaret Guenther’s At Home in the World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us. It’s a wonderful book, which I intend to review when I’m finished. The passage I read today, in a chapter entitled …

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Facing Financial Facts at Church

What are the financial facts in your congregation? For example: What are the trends in giving and expenses? What is the giving pyramid – how many givers do you have at successive giving levels? What is the pace of income …

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How Do We Live in God’s Economy?

“We get very confused between God’s economy and the world’s economy. In the world’s economy, there’s never enough, and when you’re asking for money, you’re taking something. In God’s economy, there’s always enough.” This is from my interview a while …

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