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Doing nothing as spiritual practice: three things to consider

Can you do nothing? That may seem like a crazy question to ask on September 3, when Labor Day was early. You may feel like you are running to catch up already, that the summer was (literally) too short this …

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Ten things money is

Money is: a resource (for individuals, families, churches) something that creates possibility a necessity for giving for spending imaginary (it has no real value, only what we give it) neutral (we supply the meaning) a way to take care of …

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What is enough prayer for church leaders?

In my recent (fabulous) interview with Ed Bacon, he talked about his hour of quiet time first thing every morning. I must admit my first thought was, “Oh, no! I’m not praying enough.” I spend about 5-10 minutes in quiet …

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Some ancient words on sharing our resources

I’ve been reading devotionally Margaret Guenther’s At Home in the World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us. It’s a wonderful book, which I intend to review when I’m finished. The passage I read today, in a chapter entitled …

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Ed Bacon on Habits for Leaders

Ed Bacon made some valuable remarks in my interview with him this week about his book 8 Habits of Love. A few of my favorites: The habit of candor: “Candor has to do with whether I want a particular relationship …

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Fasting from complaining: 9 reasons why church leaders might want to try it

It’s the Easter season, more of a time for church leaders to celebrate than fast. But I’m thinking about fasting as a spiritual practice. While fasting from food has its place, I think a fast from complaining is worth a …

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7 Ways to Make Easter Last Longer

No, I don’t mean more work for church professionals! But Easter is one time when the church knows how to celebrate. We could use more of that. Here are seven suggestions for extending Easter by developing the spiritual practice of …

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What Does the New Pope Have in Common with Other Church Leaders?

People are projecting onto him. No doubt it’s harder when millions of people globally focus their hopes and dreams on you – but it’s a challenge whether you are leading a global church, a congregation of 50, or a family. …

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Three Things to Remember about Making Decisions at Church (and at Home)

Do you have a decision you need to make – at church or in your personal life? Here are three things to consider: First, there may not be one “right” decision. When I was growing up, there was a lot …

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Finding Ministry Help in the Novels of Susan Howatch

Do you want an opportunity to reflect on your ministry while entertaining yourself? During a recent bout with both kinds of flu, I amused myself by re-reading Susan Howatch’s Church of England series of novels. These books are far more …

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