Who I Work With

Is This You?

You are frustrated with the people part of clergy leadership. You have big dreams but feel worn down by the constant drain of conflict, or simply the weight of the status quo.

You are a local church or denominational leader ready to help clergy and churches grow. You lead, or work with, local churches. You want more for your church and yourself than you have found so far. You may not be burned out, but you are tired.

You want to move forward but find yourself caught in a ministry of maintenance, or in frustrating conflict. Small problems pop up and take energy you wish could be directed toward your ministry goals. Disgruntled members or inertia in the congregation is slowing—or halting—progress.

Are you facing these challenges?

You feel like you are on a ministry treadmill. The years go by, but you never seem to get anywhere. You wonder if this is all there is to ministry.

You enjoy ministry but would like to get your head above water enough to see the bigger picture. The trivia of ongoing church life seems to take all your time and energy.

You feel like you, and perhaps a few key lay leaders, are the only responsible people around.You see others burn out, and you feel on the verge of burnout yourself. You are tired of carrying the load alone.

You find your energy sapped by ongoing conflict.You can never get on top of the blame and fault-finding, whether it is directed at you or at someone else.

You question whether you should stay in your current church or look for another.You think about moving, but you prefer to reach your ministry dreams right where you are.

My ideal client

Leaders will be most successful working with me when:

They are open to new ways of thinking and acting.

They are able to take responsibility for themselves.

They are interested in new ideas.

They place a high value on their own growth.

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